Four reasons to use Self Storage

Published on 5/21/2023
People use self storage for a variety of reasons. Here are the top 4 reasons why.

DOWNSIZING :  Have your young adult kids moved out of the house and have decided to downsize to a smaller home? It can be difficult to let go of your belongings during this transition and many decide to use self storage to keep their things safely in reach.

HOME RENOVATIONS :  Home renovations can be and exciting time to improve your home, but also can add stress and inconvenience to your life. Shuffling items and furniture from one room to another can cause frustration and chaos. Thats why many homeowners use self storage to keep their belongings out of the way until renovation is complete.

BUSINESS : Many businesses utilize self storage to keep excess inventory and equipment. Also if your business has slowed down due to economic factors, a small storage unit will be cheaper to rent than a commercial building until the economy turns around.

MOVING : Flexible short term storage is perfect for navigating a home relocation. Most of the time closing dates to not match up perfectly and can be chaotic if you don't have a place to store your belongings. Turn to a self storage facility for help